Privacy Policy

  1. The correctness of the data input by the applicant will be the sole responsibility of the applicant and neither Ravenshaw University nor the service provider Odiamail Private Limited will be held responsible after the final submission of the from fields by the applicant for the correctness of the data nor can any applicant claim the correctness of the data after final submission of the form.
  2. The submission of the form doesn’t guarantee admission and is subject to the terms of the Ravenshaw University.
  3. The applicant shouldn’t disclose his/her login credentials to anyone in public and if any problem occurs due to misplacement of login credentials then the Ravenshaw University nor the Service provider Odiamail private limited will be held responsible.
  4. For any payment related claims the service provider Odiamail private Limited will not be responsible and the applicant can contact the university for the claim of payment.